Thursday, September 18, 2008

First grade poem

First a little background. While our daughter was in preschool my commute was often multi-modal. I would drive to the preschool and park the car there, then ride to work or ride to the bus if the weather was iffy. I could then ride back from work get her from the school and drive home. It worked for us and apparently it also impressed our youngest son enough to write about it. Now, I will not lie here. When I read this the first time I choked up. I was not aware that this process of commuting to work on my bike would inspire any of my kids.

If your having trouble reading his handwriting it reads.

My Dad is Lightning

dad is like
he rides to
work and back
going up down up

down to pick

up my sister.

I think it's cool.


Friday, September 12, 2008


It rained last night as I fitted my fixed-gear with new full fenders. My excitement mounted as I awoke to the sound of rain this morning. I donned my very best wet weather gear with the addition of newspaper sacks on my feet.  I then set out. It was  sprinkling as I left the house and  I traveled through  varying levels of precipitation. As I was nearing work I realized that I had rain water streaming from my face, my grinin' like an idiot face.

It was a good ride.