Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Stable...

...or quiver. "The Boss" calls it my "harem".

This is "Tyra" Fenders a Wonder! Stock Mongoose Tyax Elite with Planet Bike fenders and a DIY bike light

This is "Keley" my first fixed gear conversion. In this picture I had spent around fifty dollars for parts and paint.

This is "GiGi" my second fixed gear. I went really spendy on this one and bought a new cog, tires, tubes and some new to me pedals. the frame I traded for and the rest is parts bin.

This is "Sophie" and has been accused of being the catalyst of my renewed bicycle geekism. I found her on a corner with a sign that said free. I tore everything apart and cleaned and lubed and adjusted. I learned later that it "should" have been harder because she has a two-speed kickback coaster brake hub, made by Bendix. Apparently they aren't very user friendly. Oh well, now I know it was difficult. NOT!

This is "Martha" found beneath a HUGE pile of other bikes on top of a Volkswagon van. The wheels in this picture are now on GiGi. I have a set of 27" more appropriate for her. Do you like my emergency fender?

The next project to finish is a Schwinn Suburban. I just need to get some more elbow grease from the shop.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Well, that's one...

...question answered.

I had thought occasionally of, "how do long distance bicycle racers take care of bodily functions?" The answer came to me in the form of an e-mail from "The Boss" so, here it is.


Friday, January 11, 2008

No post in over a month!

I'm not doing very well with this "more interactive" web thingy. I just find that some of the stuff I think about posting, just aren't important when I have the time to post. Like right now, I'm editing what to write in my head and thinking "why do this at all?" At least I don't look like a fish out of water, my mouth open and closed as censor my speech.

YMCA basketball season has struck so time is a rare commodity. I am coaching two teams and assisting on one in another league. Sleep, Ha.

I have been trying to get some bike time in as well, commuting seems to be all the riding I'll get for a while. That and below freezing temps (sometimes below zero) have me chickening out. Most of my bike projects are done, I still have the Suburban to finish. See above as to why it's not done as well.

Perhaps when I get a chance I'll put some pics of the bikes up.