Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Day Cafe Ride 2009

On New Years Day I trekked to the big city and met for the first time Jon Grinder.

We were to meet at Kaladi Bro. coffee with a planned ride time of 9:30. Well... that wasn't how it worked. The conversation revolved around bikes of course and for a good part of the time the problem of how many was discussed.

There was talk of you really only need one bike. (yea right!) or every time I think of selling one I'll ride it and change my mind. (not me) Or I could get rid of all except this one or maybe that one... Any way, this went on until 10:30ish so that when we actually began I requested that I be pointed in the direction of the coffee shop in time to get me to a family get together at noon.

The group graciously obliged by modifying the route so that there would be the absolute maximum of hills available. So we lit out on a nice even trip through Washington Park then along the Cherry Creek and Platt River paths we then turned east toward a solid wall of climbing. (I kid... sort of)

It really was great to finally meet Jon and to to put a "bone bag" to the face you see in cyberspace. As well as to interact with other bike geeks like (or worse) than myself.