Friday, January 11, 2008

No post in over a month!

I'm not doing very well with this "more interactive" web thingy. I just find that some of the stuff I think about posting, just aren't important when I have the time to post. Like right now, I'm editing what to write in my head and thinking "why do this at all?" At least I don't look like a fish out of water, my mouth open and closed as censor my speech.

YMCA basketball season has struck so time is a rare commodity. I am coaching two teams and assisting on one in another league. Sleep, Ha.

I have been trying to get some bike time in as well, commuting seems to be all the riding I'll get for a while. That and below freezing temps (sometimes below zero) have me chickening out. Most of my bike projects are done, I still have the Suburban to finish. See above as to why it's not done as well.

Perhaps when I get a chance I'll put some pics of the bikes up.


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Fritz said...

Friday night I was all psyched for a 110 mile unsupported ride from my home to Half Moon Bay, where I'd watch the Mavericks surf contest before heading back home. I got my bike, gear, and clothing all ready.

The next morning I got up at 6 a.m., stepped out into the cold, dark morning, said "Screw this" and went back to my nice warm bed.

Maybe next week.