Monday, March 24, 2008

Bicycles on roof of salvage yard in Denver.

Jon at Grinderbikes wrote in his blog about a trip to a salvage yard with an obcene amout of old bikes in huge piles. Also that they had some on the roof laid out in rows. I asked him if he knew the address, his reply was "north of the old Childrens Hospital. I was riding with someone... and wasn't paying attention to the streets". So, I went to Google Earth and began looking. Lo and Behold! I think I found it.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Carl, can I have the address and phone number from that place?
Thank you

getinlost said...

I don't actually know the phone number. I haven't been there yet.



Anonymous said...

Good luck getting those people to actually sell you anything. I've been and all the cool bikes are locked in trailers. The lady at the desk with the beard will just tell you "He's not selling those ones." There are a whole bunch of walmart kids bikes and whatnot in piles though.