Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's a guy gotta do!

Alright. We have the Tour of California and the Tour of Missouri. And the Tour of Georgia gave it up this year. Now I just read about a race in New Mexico called the Tour of the Gila. I'm sure that there are a few that I don't know about yet. So, here is my thought. Who do I talk to to get Celestial Seasonings or Coors or both to put the Red Zinger/Coors International back together?


Yokota Fritz said...

I guess people have been talking about Colorado race ever since the Coors Classic shut down. Not likely in this economy, I'd wager.

Are you involved in the Longmont Main Street process? It looks like there's a lot of sentiment to convert Coffman/Main/Kimbark into something like Ken Pratt / Hover.

getinlost said...

Fritz, it seems more like the idea is to make something like downtown Boulder has done with parking/business spaces.